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Toyo University

A Seminar Lectured by Dr. John Hudzik

November 16, 2017

The seminar conducted by Dr. John Hudzik

On Wednesday, October 25, for faculty and administrative staff engaged in project management and business practices at universities, faculties, and other educational institutes promoting globalization, a seminar "Opportunities and Challenges in the Comprehensive Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions--the Impact on Higher Education throughout the World" (sponsors: Toyo University Super Global University Project Administrative Section and the Research Consortium for the Sustainable Promotion of International Education; cosponsor: JTB Corporate Sales Inc.) was held in Hakusan campus. In addition to participants on campus, internal and external faculty and administrative staff at universities and other educators attended the seminar via the Webinar (an online seminar system).

The lecturer Dr. John K. Hudzik, an American professor from Michigan State University (MSU), is one of the pioneers of international education in the U.S. and has served key roles in internationalization including foremost Vice President of Global Engagement and Strategic Projects at MSU and also President of NAFSA: Association of International Educators and President of AIEA: Association of International Educator Administrators.

In his lively lecture, Dr. Hudzik illustrated a number of issues that universities need to address by transcending the confines of their academic disciplines and education systems to promote internationalization throughout their entire school. The lecture was followed by questions from enthusiastic participants.