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Shibaura Institute of Technology

Tecnologico de Monterrey Students Visit SIT for Summer Program

July 23, 2018

On July 2nd, 26 students and a professor from Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico) arrived at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) and attended the orientation for their 4-week Summer Program. Tecnologico de Monterrey is one of SIT's partner universities and SIT offers custom designed Summer Program since 2016.


The main topic of the program this year is "Robotics/Power Electronics" and students will deepen their knowledge and technique of robots with guidance of SIT professors.
At the welcome session, SIT President Masato Murakami held a speech about "Singularity" and mentioned "In 2045, it is said that AI will exceed human being's capability but brain power is limitless. Believe yourself and please enjoy your stay." and welcomed them with open arms.

After the orientation, students from the Tecnologico de Monterrey were divided into three groups and toured Toyosu Campus with Global Student Staff (GSS) members. Additionally, they were given advice on how to purchase commuter pass and how to use SIT facilities, including the athletic gym and the school cafeteria.

The welcome party at the cafeteria was full of laughter and anticipation where they celebrated their successful first day at SIT.

Before the final presentation in late July, activities such as factory tour and Japanese lesson are scheduled to understand Japanese culture.


In addition to improving English skill, this program also gives great opportunity to SIT students as well to bring new perspectives of their research field by working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.