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  • UNESCO Chair Kick-off Meeting will be held on 5th Oct (Fri), 2018

Nagaoka University of Technology

UNESCO Chair Kick-off Meeting will be held on 5th Oct (Fri), 2018

July 19, 2018

Entitled "GIGAKU SDG Institute", UNESCO Chair on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development was established at Nagaoka University of Technology, within the framework of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme.
Based on this establishment, we started implementing this program from this April, 2018 and boost the development of education program.
In this Kick-off meeting, Ms. Rovani Sigamoney, Engineering Programme Specialist, Section for Innovation and Capacity Building in Science and Engineering, UNESCO will give a keynote speech. We would like to ask you for your attendance.

[ Date ] 5th Oct(Fri), 2018
08:30~09:30 Registration
09:30~10:00 UNESCO Chair Kick-off Meeting
Opening Speech: Dr. Nobuhiko Azuma, NUT President
Guest congratulatory Speech: Mr. Mitsuhiro Ikehara
Deputy Director-General for International Affairs, MEXT
Senior Deputy Secretary-General, Japanese National Commission for UNESCO
Keynote Speech:Ms. Rovani Sigamoney, UNESCO (20min)
[ Venue ] Nagaoka University of Technology Lecture Bldg. 2nd floor Hall A
[ Registration ] No advance registration is necessary. (No Registration Fee)
[ Contact ] Division of Institutional Strategies
E-mail:project-x3■jcom. nagaokaut. ac. jp(■=@)