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  • The First Japan India Exchange Platform Program (JIEPP) Symposium

The University of Tokyo

The First Japan India Exchange Platform Program (JIEPP) Symposium

November 21, 2018


Time and Date: 10:30-17:30 Thursday, 20 December 2018

Venue: Ito Hall(https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/adm/iirc/en/access.html

Language: Japanese/English Translation


・Faculty, students and staff from the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) and universities selected for the Inter-Exchange University Project (India)

・Those interested in Japan-India Exchange

・Corporate members

・Japanese and Indian government officials



Part 1: Purpose and Perspective of the Japan India Exchange Platform Program (10:30-14:30)

MC - Prof. Satoshi WATANABE, School of Engineering, UTokyo



■Opening Remarks (10:30-10:45)

1. Prof. Masashi HANEDA, Executive Vice President, UTokyo

2. Representative from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

3. Mr. Raj Kumar SRIVASTAVA, Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of India Japan



■Introduction of JIEPP (10:45-11:00)

Prof. Naoto SEKIMURA, Vice President, UTokyo



■Plenary Session (11:00-12:00)

「History of Japan-India Intellectual Exchange and Contemporary Significance」

Associate Professor Akio TANABE, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, UTokyo




Buffet Style (including Vegetarian meal)

Poster session (Introduction of Selected Universities, JST Sakura Science, others)



Afternoon Session

■Invited Speaker's presentation (13:30-14:30 (30 min. each including Q&A))

Presentation 1. Prof. Mahesh PANCHAGNULA, Dean, International & Alumni Relations, IIT Madras

Presentation 2. Mr. Tenpei ODA, Deputy General Japan Railway East

--End of Part1---



Coffee Break (14:30-15:00)


Part 2: Achievement and Future Perspective of the Inter-University Exchange Project (India)

MC - Dr. Di SU, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo



■Part2 Opening Remarks (15:00-15:05)

Prof. Tatsuya OKUBO, Dean School of Engineering, UTokyo



■Presentation from students who have participated in Japan-India Student Exchange Programs

(15:05-16:05 (20min. each including Q&A))



1. Mr. Fumikazu IWABUCHI, Master Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering,

School of Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology

2. Mr. Rahul GARG, Master Student, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, UTokyo

3. Mr. Tatsuki YAMANAMI, Master Student, Department of Socio-Cultural Studies,

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, UTokyo 



■Panel Discussion about Japan-India Government Academia Industry Collaboration and Development of Human Resource (16:05-17:25)

Moderator: Dr. Kohei NAGAI, Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, UTokyo




1. Mr. Yukio TAKEYARI Former Sony India Software Center President

2. Mr. Tetsuya NAKAMURA Director CDIO Business Innovation Headquarters,

Japan Tata Consultancy Services Senior Managing

3. Prof. Yukinori KOBAYASHI, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

4. Prof. Atsushi SUZUKI, Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences

Yokohama National University

5. Ms. Jain ANKITA, Doctoral Student, Department of Bioengineering, School of Engineering,

The University of Tokyo

6. Dr. Shashank BISHNOI, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IITDelhi




■Closing Remarks (17:25-17:30)

Prof. Naoto SEKIMURA, Vice President, UTokyo




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