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International Christian University

International Service-Learning Conference -International Service-Learning with Trusted Partners: Sharing for the Future

February 18, 2019

International Christian University (ICU) is pleased to announce that there will be an international conference titled "International Service-Learning with Trusted Partners: Sharing for the Future". The conference is supported by the fund from the Top Global University Japan's initiative called SGU, of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The purposes of the conference are to foster and promote international service-learning together with ICU's service-learning (SL) partners, and to provide opportunity and platform to share the information and learnings among the universities and institutions including the SGU accredited Japanese universities. Main language used in the conference is English. Simultaneous translation from English to Japanese is available.

The conference features Dr. Carol Ma of Singapore University of Social Sciences as a keynote speaker, and invites speakers from ICU's partner universities and institutions to introduce their international service-learning activities. Furthermore, ICU's newly introduced service-learning program in Africa since last year will be covered, and also JSSL* program, along with testimonials of ICU students who took service-learning course.

*JSSL: Japan Summer Service-Learning is a program in which students from ICU, Asia and US partner universities spend about 30 days together in vicinity of Mitaka where ICU is located, and other parts of Japan.

-What is service-learning?-

It is a program in which students engage into service (volunteer) activities for certain period of time at NGO or public institution in home country or abroad. Students learn from reflection. Utilizing networks etc. ICU and SLAN* partner universities in Asia exchange students.

*SLAN (Service-Learning Asia Network)


Even if not familiar with service-learning, the conference is recommended to those who are interested in the followings;

- volunteer activities in local community in overseas where local universities and institutions cooperate

- accreditation of service(volunteer, community engagement) activities

- supports for students who study abroad and issues

- what universities in Asia do for international program

1. Conference dates and place

Dates and time: March 4(Mon) 10:00-18:00 (registration starts at 9:30) Conference Day 1

18:00-20:00 Reception at dining hall

March 5 (Tues) 9:30-12:30 (Door opens at 9:00) Conference Day 2

Attendance for both days is recommended but attendance on either day is possible.

Place: International Christian University, Tokyo Japan

2F Dialogue House, International Conference Room

3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka Tokyo 181-8585 Japan


2. Capacity: 150 persons

3. Cost: Free (advance registration required, first come first served)

We may limit the number of people from the same organization depending on the situation.

4. How to join the conference

Please register from the following form by February 20(wed).


The information obtained in this form will be used only for the purpose of the conference registration.

**Organizer/For Questions**

Service-Learning Center,

International Christian University, Tokyo Japan

Tel 0422-33-3687

Email: slc@icu.ac.jp