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  • 4th STI-Gigaku 2019 will be held on 8th-9th November

Nagaoka University of Technology

4th STI-Gigaku 2019 will be held on 8th-9th November

September 06, 2019

Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) has been extensively moving forward on developing its research education system consisting of Science of Technology Innovation and world-wide strategic offices, through collaborating with KOSEN (National Institute of Technology / College of Technology) in Japan, domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, and regional companies.


STI-Gigaku conference aims at achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are the collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations, by sharing research progress and achievements with all the above respective parties in related fields, sectors, and nationalities.


4th STI-Gigaku 2019 continues to discuss issues and seek answers on the global topics such as energy, climate change, poverty, and hunger along with SDGs to bring the change into the society, besides to uplift awareness on SDGs nationwide and worldwide.


In recognition of our various progress and initiative movement toward SDGs, NUT was proudly designated as the Hub for SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) from UNAI in August 2018 to share its best practices and experiences on respective activities to lead the world in society. Furthermore, NUT's new program, "Global Pro-Active Root Technology Program", was selected as "Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE)" in 2018 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). This program, as a prominent feature, aims at contributing to solution of SDGs by producing professionals with profound knowledge of fundamental technology, which is the basis of industries related to the intermix of materials science and power engineering.


The first day kicks off with keynote lecture which we invite special guest speakers to learn best practice in SDGs. On the second day, "HAKKO Science" Idea Contest × HAKKO trip will be held focusing on fermentation and SDGs.

It is thus our great pleasure to take this 4th opportunity to organize this conference and welcome you all to the under one roof. We wish you all have a very fruitful and enjoyable meeting in Nagaoka.


For details, please visit the following 4th STI-Gigaku2019 special website.
外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。https://sites.google.com/view/sti-gigaku-2019


Notes: Participation from companies differs in the application method and application deadline. See the following URL for details.
ダウンロードのリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。https://www.nagaokaut.ac.jp/kigyou/sangyou/lamp21/index.files/sti-gigaku2019.pdf



[Conference Title]

4th STI-Gigaku 2019

(4th International Conference on "Science of Technology Innovation" 2019)


8th-9th November, 2019
1st Day (November 8 (Fri))
08:30- Registration
10:20 - 12:00 Keynote Lecture (Activity-A)
13:00 - 15:00 Poster Session (Activity-B)
15:30 - 17:00 Open Lab. (Activity-C)
18:30 - 20:30 Networking Dinner (Activity-D)


2nd Day (November 9 (Sat))
All day "HAKKO Science" Idea Contest × HAKKO trip (Activity-E)
For detail on HAKKO trip, please go to the link below.
外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。https://www.facebook.com/hakkotrip/


[Conference Venue]
Activity-A, B and C: Nagaoka University of Technology
1603-1 Kamitomioka, Nagaoka, Niigata, 940-2188, JAPAN
Activity-D: NaDeC BASE
2-3-1 Otedori, Nagaoka, Niigata, 940-0062, JAPAN
Activity-E: Nagaoka City Hall Plaza Aô-re Nagaoka
1-4-10 Otedori, Nagaoka, Niigata, 940-0062, JAPAN


[Registration Information]
Please visit above special website for application and submission of abstract.
(Deadline of Abstract Submission and Application: 30th September 9th September, 2019) (extended)


[Contact information]
Please visit above special website.


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