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Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Global Campus Event "NAIST Tea Time #20"

March 19, 2021



Division for Global Education is pleased to announce the Global Campus Event, "NAIST Tea Time #20", aimed at strengthening our campus community ties and fostering mutual understanding and familiarity among NAIST's diverse faculty, staff, and students. (Due to the current new coronavirus infection situation, this event will be held online)

Many international students and researchers take big personal steps in their personal lives while at NAIST, from getting married and starting a family to raising and sending them off to school. Any of these can be complicated and involve various paperwork and procedures. Also, Japan offers much support for childbirth and raising children in Japan. In order to help our international community as it grows, the Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) will present information concerning a wide variety of procedures for family issues such as spouse visas, giving birth, daycare and school entry, etc. and will explain what support is available for international students, staff, and researchers at NAIST and in Japan. Questions will be fielded after the explanation.

NAIST Tea Time #20

Family Life in Japan

(Online Information Session)

Date :  March 29th (Monday)
Time :  15:00-16:00
Please register by March 25th to receive the Webex URL and to submit any questions you may want to ask at the end of the event.
Registration URL:

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact CISS at ciss@ad.naist.jp