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Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Call for international student volunteers

June 16, 2021


CISS (Center for International Students and Scholars) is calling for international student volunteers to assist NAIST in offering student support, planning student activities and in its PR and recruitment activities in the newly expanded NAIST Ambassador Program. Program volunteers may be able to participate in the following areas and activities:

・PR activities: Recruiting materials and fairs (online and abroad), leading campus tours, partner institution events, YouTube videos, etc.
・Student support: New international student assistance, orientation presentations, International student coffee hour, peer counseling (in-person or online)
・Student events: Student event planning, NAIST Tea Time presentations, external event participation

The NAIST International Student Ambassador Program was established to offer peer counseling for the international community in 2018. This year we are expanding the program to offer more comprehensive support for our international students, while also asking the volunteers to participate in supporting NAIST PR activities as well. In this new program students will be paid volunteers and be partially paid for organizing and participating in various activities, offering support for international students, and assisting NAIST in its PR and recruiting efforts. We hope to have a diverse group of students who can represent the various cultures and backgrounds of our community members, sharing their experiences to new students and the NAIST faculty and staff as well.

If you are interested, please attend the online information session on June 18th from 15:30-16:00.
Please register by sending your information to CISS at ciss[at]ad.naist.jp.

For inquiries: Please contact Center for International Students and Scholars at the above address.

Center for International Students and Scholars