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Kyoto Institute of Technology

M cafe's summer Festival in 2021.

For students

For Public

August 19, 2021



M cafe's Summer Festival was hold at Global Commons located at 1st floor of KIT Library during KIT open campus on August 9 and 10 2021. Although we had to limit the number of the participant for each session to prevent from COVID-19 situation, 96 students on first day and 56 students on second day participated the event.




M cafe's student members from all over the world, where are Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Egypt, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Burkina Faso, participated and enjoyed conversation talking about their countries and their school life at KIT campus with high school students and their parents.


We also made opportunities for high school students to talk to more M cafe's members from different countries by participating on line.


We had a lot of positive voices from high school student participants.

"I am happy to be able to have a conversation in English more than expected!"

"I was nervous in beginning, but I had fun once I started to talk with them."

They really enjoyed their limited time as much as possible.


Many high school students could visited M cafe's Summer Festival at KIT Open Campus and successfully ended. It was very good opportunities for KIT international students and high school students to communicate each other.