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The University of Tokyo

UC Berkeley-UTokyo Strategic Partnership International Symposium

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March 17, 2022

UC Berkeley-UTokyo Strategic Partnership International Symposium

Building a Future Vision for Higher Education

& Academic Research at Public Research Universities



UC Berkeley and the University of Tokyo are the top public universities in the United States and Japan. Both universities are members of IARU and have formed a Strategic Partnership to promote collaborative academic research and student exchange. In this international symposium, the Chancellor/ President and other executive officers of the two universities and Partnership members will discuss the future of higher education and academic research and the prospects for post-COVID society from their perspectives. The discussion will include a review of the Partnership's achievements to date and a look ahead to future initiatives.




Takeshi Saito, Leader of the Strategic Partnership, Professor, Graduate of Mathematical Sciences, UTokyo

Part 1: Publicness of Research Universities and the Vision for Post-COVID

Teruo Fujii, President, UTokyo

"Into a Sea of Diversity: Creating the Future through Dialogue"

Carol Christ, Chancellor, UCB

"Berkeley's Vision and Strategic Plan"

Benjamin Hermalin, Vice Provost for the Faculty, USB

"Trends and Strategies Around Building and Maintaining a World-Class Faculty"

Makoto Gonokami, Professor, Graduate School of Science/ Former President, UTokyo

"University, A Driver of Social Change"

Part 2: Initiatives by Major Partner Departments

Dana Buntrock, Former Chair of the Center for Japanese Studies/ Professor of Architecture, UCB

"Rebuilding Strong Ties"

Seiko Fujii, Professor, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, UTokyo

"Bridging Research and Education: Toward UC Berkeley-UTokyo Collaborations"

Takeshi Saito, Professor, Graduate of Mathematical Sciences, UTokyo

"Potentials in International Exchange between Universities: A Practice in Mathematics"

Yusuke Obuchi, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, UTokyo

"Where Does Creativity Come from? Differences and Similarities in Pedagogical Approaches in Teaching Creativity in the US and Japan"

Hideto Fukudome, Professor, Graduate School of Education, UTokyo

"Enhancing and Supporting Diversity on Campus"

・March 21, 2022, 5 PM to 7:30 PM (California Time)

・March 22, 2022, 9 AM to 11:30 AM (Japan Time)

・By Zoom Online Webinar

・Open to the General Public

・Simultaneous Translation (English-Japanese)

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