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  • FD/SD Workshop "Applying Intercultural Communication in Education" (10th, Aug.)

Hokkaido University

FD/SD Workshop "Applying Intercultural Communication in Education" (10th, Aug.)

July 12, 2022



This seminar will familiarize you with some basic concepts, principles, and techniques for communicating effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. It will also allow you to broaden your understanding of intercultural communication from various contexts. For example, you will learn some strategies for facilitating dialogue in your class and giving/receiving feedback effectively across cultures. [MORE]


  • ・Date and time:2022.08.10 (Wed) (13:30-15:30)

  • ・Venue:Zoom meeting and Studio seminar room, 3rd floor, Multimedia Education Building, Hokkaido University (Workshop will be held online via Zoom and in-person session simultaneously)

  • ・Lecturer:Dr. Michal MAZUR (Assistant Professor, Institute for the Advancement of Graduate Education, Hokkaido University)

  • ・Target:Faculty members of higher education facilities (incl. graduate students)

  • ・Capacity:40 applicants (20 online; 20 in-person; on a first come, first served basis)

  • ・Language:English