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International University of Japan

IUJ Symposium "From Minamiuonuma to the World -Creating a Prosperous Community and Future-"

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August 09, 2022

It is with great pleasure to announce that we are holding the following symposium.

Many warm attentions to this event are deeply appreciated.

From Minamiuonuma to the World-Creating a Prosperous Community and Future-


14:00 Opening Remarks Dr. ITAMI Hiroyuki, President of IUJ

14:05 Lecture 1 "Sustainable Development and the Future of Minamiuonuma City" Mr. HAYASHI Shigeo, Mayor of Minamiuonuma City
14:20 Lecture 2 "Destination Marketing" Mr. MURAKI Tomohiro, President, Intheory, Inc.
14:45 Q&A
(10-minute Interval)
15:10 Panel Discussion 1."Solving local issues in Minamiuonuma by Minamiuonuma for Minamiuonuma"
    (Including report of the workshop "Minamiuonuma Mirai Ideathon")

    ・Ms. SAKAI Tomoko, CEO, Sakaiorimono, Inc.
    ・Mr. KUROGI Keisuke, Advisor, Minamiuonuma City Marketing and Development Organization

    ・Mr. MURAKI Tomohiro, President, Intheory, Inc.
    ・Mr. YAMAGATA Takuya, Consultant, Code for Japan

    ・Mr. SHOJI Masahiko, Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Musashi University / Executive Research Fellow,GLOCOM, IUJ

    ・Mr. KIKUCHI Eiki, Research Fellow / Assistant Professor, GLOCOM, IUJ

16:25  Panel Discussion 2. "Activities of foreigners in local communities"

    ・Mr. SHISHIDO Kenichi, Vice President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

    ・Mr. TAKAGI Yoshio, President, Takagiya, Inc.
    ・Mr. KWEK Laurence, current student of Graduate School of International Management, IUJ

    ・Mr. KOSHIGOE Katsutoshi, General Manager, Department of Industrial Promotion, Minamiuonuma City

    ・Ms. KOBAYASHI Naho, Senior Research Fellow, GLOCOM, IUJ    
17:25 Closing Remarks Dr. KATO Hiroshi, Vice President of IUJ

17:30 Close

Date Wednesday, August 24, 2022 2:00PM-5:30PM (JST)
Venue Minamiuonuma Civic Hall / Zoom Webinar
Language Japanese (English simultaneous interpretation available)

Open to Anyone who is interested in this event

Fee For Free

Registration *Deadline: Sunday, August 21

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