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Hokkaido University

【27th-30th, Jan.】Writing emails in English

December 26, 2022

As the number of international students, faculty, and staff continues to increase, there is a rising demand for English communication skills. These two workshops, run by ALC Press Inc, cover how to quickly and effectively write emails in English.【MORE

・Date and time:
2023.01.27 (Fri) - 2023.01.30 (Mon) 10:00-16:00
・Venue:Zoom (URL to be sent following registration)
・Lecturer:Mr. Masakuni YOSHINAKA (Consultant at ALC Press Inc.)
・Target:Faculty and staff members of higher education facilities (incl. part-time) whose TOEIC score is higher than 400 points (Basic), 500 points (Intermediate) or equivalent
・Capacity:max participants: 15; lottery to be held if over-registered
・Application period:2023/1/16 (Mon.) 12:00 (result notification will be sent by the end of the following day)