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  • 【10th-13th, Feb.】English presentation training (Intermediate level)

Hokkaido University

【10th-13th, Feb.】English presentation training (Intermediate level)

December 26, 2022

It is not uncommon in Japan to hold international conferences that require giving presentations in English and opportunities to present research contents in English are increasing in many fields of science. If we cannot make a presentation that conveys to the audience, we cannot obtain further feedback through questioning and answering. However, there are not many opportunities to learn about how to make the presentation in English. 
Therefore, we invited Mr. Jean Pierre Corbeil from ALC Press Inc. as a lecturer, and 2-day intensive seminar will be held to improve presentation skills in English.【MORE

・Date and time:
2023.02.10 (Fri) - 2023.02.13 (Mon) 9:00-17:00
・Venue:Zoom seminar
・Lecturer:Mr. Anthony Carver (ALC Press, Inc.)
・Target:Applicants belonging to higher education facilities nationwide who have some prior experience of giving presentations in English at international conferences, etc. (part-time lecturers and graduate students are also welcomed)
・Capacity:6 people (In case of many applicants, participants will be decided by a lot)
・Application period:January 30, 2023 (Mon.) 12:00 *Please register only if you are able to attend both.