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  • The JAISE-KAIE Joint Seminar -- Developing Future International Student Exchange -- took place

Toyo University

The JAISE-KAIE Joint Seminar -- Developing Future International Student Exchange -- took place

January 05, 2019

The JAISE-KAIE Joint Seminar took place at Hakusan Campus, Toyo University on November 1, 2018. In cooperation with the UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific), this seminar was jointly hosted by Toyo University and the JAISE (Japan Association for International Student Education), along with inviting special guests from the KAIE (Korean Association of International Educators). Nearly 50 people who work for higher education institutions and educational companies attended the seminar.

Under the seminar theme, Developing Future International Student Exchange, various informative presentations were given, covering specific topics such as policy reviews and issues as well as innovative efforts and programs in both Japan and Korea. Throughout the seminar, lively discussion continued between attendees and presenters, and the understanding of situations and challenges in international student exchange were deepened. Moreover, it was a valuable opportunity for participants to revisit policy implementations of their countries and practices of their institutions by acquiring knowledge about differences and similarities of governance, management, and policy between the two countries in international education.

写真1 Sachihiko Kondo.jpg
Opening Remarks: Sachihiko Kondo, Professor, Center for International Education and Exchange, Osaka University

President, Japan Association for International Student Education (JAISE)

写真2 Andy Hockersmith.jpg
About Toyo University (Toyo at a Glance): Andy Hockersmith, International Affairs Office, Toyo University

写真3 Hiroshi Ota.jpg
Introduction: "Recent Policies and Changes in Internationalization of Japanese Higher Education"

Hiroshi Ota, Professor, Center for Global Education and Exchange, Hitotsubashi University
Vice President, JAISE

写真4 Shingo Ashizawa.jpg
Keynote Lecture: "University Mobility Networks in Asia and the Pacific - Trends and Future Agenda"

Shingo Ashizawa, Professor, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Toyo University
Deputy Secretariat General, University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP)
Board Member, JAISE


写真5 BoKyung Kim.jpg
Session 1: "Internationalization Trends and Policy in Korea"

BoKyung Kim, Senior Manager, Office of International Affairs, Hanyang University ERICA
Director, KAIE


写真6 Keiko Ikeda.jpg
Session 2: "International Education 2.0: Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)"

Keiko Ikeda, Professor, Division of International Affairs/Institute for Innovative Global Education,
Kansai University


写真7 Hoin Kim.jpg
Session 3: "Recruiting International Students via English Medium Instruction (EMI) Programs"

Hoin Kim, Manager, Division of International Students and Scholar Services, Kyunghee University
Director, KAIE


写真8 Shigetoshi Akamatsu.jpg
Session 4 "Development and Challenge of International Student Recruitment in Waseda University"

Shigetoshi Akamatsu, Senior Advisor of Admissions, School of International Liberal Studies,
Waseda University


写真9 Daejoong Son.jpg
Session 5 "How to Develop Internationalization through Reorganizing, Integrating and Adjusting Works"

Daejoong Son, Director, Office of International Affairs, Konkuk University
Vice President, KAIE


写真10 Kazuko Suematsu.jpg
Session 6 "Comprehensive Internationalization at National Research University: Strategies, Accomplishments, and Challenges"

Kazuko Suematsu, Special Advisor to the President for International Affairs,
Professor/Deputy Director, Global Learning Center, Tohoku University
Board Member, JAISE


写真11 Young-Jin Park.jpg
Closing Remarks: Young-Jin Park, ARAI Academy Akamonkai Japanese Language School
Board Member, JAISE