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Toyo University

Toyo Winter Program (TWP) 2019

February 26, 2019

The Toyo Winter Program (TWP) 2019 was completed on the 30 January.


With the main theme "Experience the SNOW life!", the TWP a two-week program is designed to provide participants with interesting opportunities to comprehend how diverse Japan is, by comparing rural and city area, and modern and traditional Japanese culture.

The first half of the program was implemented in Tokyo. Extensive activities in Tokyo are various including an orientation program at Toyo University, a field visit to Yanesen, one of the traditional areas in Tokyo, and experience of the traditional paper making process. While they stayed in Tokyo, Toyo students participated in the program to support the TWP and have interaction with participants from abroad.

In the latter half of the program, the program site moved to Shichinohe(七戸) in Aomori in the northern part of the main island ofJapan. Through homestaying at local houses, participants can experience rural life and local culture in Japan.

On the final day, a farewell party was held with Japanese language teachers, IAO staff and TGS members. A certification of completion was given to each student by an Associate Professor, Yuko Kobayakawa.