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Okayama University

"All-Round Achievers" Certificates Awarded to Students

April 26, 2019

8501_image_1-1.jpgOkayama University awarded certificates on April 16 and 24, 2019 to 247 students as "all-round achievers" because they achieved high abilities and had abundant experiences.

Since AY2016, Okayama University's Institute for Education and Student Services has been recognizing students who have high competence in three core abilities (general educational ability, linguistic ability, and professional ability) and abundant experiences in three aspects (inter-field, inter-society, and inter-culture) as "Okayama University All-round Achievers" based on the 3 x 3 (three by three) education that the university has been promoting. In AY2018, 247 "all-round achievers" were selected from all faculties and schools.

On April 16, President MAKINO Hirofumi awarded certificates to five students among the group who received special recognition. (One of the five students who is currently studying abroad was absent from the ceremony.) At the reception attended by President Makino and Executive Vice President SANO Hiroshi, the students talked about their intercultural experiences, such as studying abroad and supporting global students studying at the university. President Makino encouraged them by saying, "I hope all of you will play an important role in the world as representatives of Okayama University."

On April 24, the certificates were awarded to 243 students at a ceremony conducted by Executive Vice President Sano and the heads of each faculty and school. Having received the certificates, one of the students said, "I want to emphasize at recruitment interviews that I have been selected as an all-round achiever." Meanwhile, another student said, "I will work hard to play an active role as an all-round achiever after graduating from university next April."


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