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Okayama University

Exchange with students from the University of Arkansas at Okayama University

May 30, 2019


Twelve students from the University of Arkansas (Arkansas State, the United States) visited Okayama University on May 25, and students from the two universities interacted with each other.
This exchange event is one of the projects under the Japan Study Abroad Program (JSAP includes a tour of Japanese corporations and participation in historical, cultural and traditional events) conducted by Professor STAPP B. Robert of the University of Arkansas for over 20 years. Okayama University has participated in this project since 2017, and this is the third event held at the university. The exchange event at Okayama University was made possible by the support of His Excellency the Minister of Justice, YAMASHITA Takashi.
Ten students from Okayama University participated, including those from the Institute of Global Human Resource Development and those who have studied abroad. Executive Vice President for Education and Provost SANO Hiroshi delivered a welcome address and stated that the two universities were established at roughly the same time, both boasting a history of approximately 150 years, and that Okayama University is proactively encouraging international academic cooperation and student exchange programs to promote the SDGs. After introducing themselves, the participating students enjoyed discussions on their fields of interest, walked around the campus, and communicated with each other. Though they only spent a short time together, the students deepened their friendships. At the end of the event, they seemed reluctant to part.
This visit will hopefully deepen the relationship between the two universities and inspire further exchange between the respective teaching staff members and students.


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