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Soka University

Soka University Exchange Program Information Meeting Takes Place in Thailand

July 18, 2019

On June 29, Soka University's exchange program information meeting took place in Bangkok, Thailand. Director Masahiko Tobita and a staff member of the Soka University International Affairs Office attended the meeting that was participated by more than 100 high school students and their guardians.

At the meeting, a video introducing the university and the exchange students studying on campus was shown, and Administrative Director Tobita shared the university's educational curriculum and the support system such as scholarships and student dormitories, as well as how the university continues to develop as a Top Global University, aiming toward the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2021.
This was followed by individual consultations in which the participants were able to ask in detail about the entrance exams, the characteristics of each faculty, and campus life such as living in the dormitories.

The participants shared with us the following comments:

"Hearing about the substantial educational environment and the well-considered system to support international students, I felt that I want to study at Soka University. I want to exert myself in my studies and further develop my potential at Soka University." (High school student)

"Watching the introduction video of the university, I was able to see how global the campus is. Hearing about the history of international exchanges since its founding and the support for international students, I felt that the university has an environment where students can study hard without a worry." (Guardian)

"During the individual consultation, a staff member answered my questions in detail, and I was able to grasp an image of how classes are conducted and the life on campus." (Guardian)