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Nagaoka University of Technology

SDGs Talk Seminar Event was Held.

March 13, 2020

On Monday, 2020 February 3, Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) held a SDGs talk seminar event with National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College as a cohost, also in association with Nagaoka Association of Engineering.

At the event, we invited four speakers: Ms. Ayano Yamada (Managing Director, Shitamichi HD Co., Ltd.; Representative, Lily & Marry's Corporation; Representative, 2015 Miss Earth Japan), Ms. Takako Kajikawa (CEO, Fujita Corporation; President, FACTORY ART MUSEUM TOYAMA), Dr. Maki Yamamoto (Associate Professor, NUT) and Dr. Mami Katsumi (UEA, NUT) Each speaker introduced fundamentals of SDGs as well as what is needed to achieve SDGs, along with their experiences in various fields of activities.

Dr. Nanko (Professor, Head of office for SDGs Promotion, NUT), served as a facilitator in question-and-answer sessions following the lectures. There were many questions from participants and active exchanges of opinions were carried out in a comfortable mood with laughter from time to time.

On the day, there were a large number of corporate officials and researchers in and outside the city, and students in Nagaoka City. The event ended a great success with approximately 60 participants which were more than the capacity.
Through lectures and events, NUT will continue to provide opportunities for companies and local communities to learn about SDGs, while promoting proactive efforts to realize a sustainable global environment.



Ms. Ayano Yamada



Ms. Takako Kajikawa



Dr. Nanko (left), Dr.Maki Yamamoto (right)




Participants during the talk session