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  • Exemplary class "SDGs x Programming education" was implemented.

Nagaoka University of Technology

Exemplary class "SDGs x Programming education" was implemented.

March 13, 2020

Between December 2019 and January 2020, Programming exemplary class targeted for fifth and sixth grader was implemented at Mitsuke Municipal Tai Elementary School to provide opportunities to learn and practice SDGs by Programming education. Mitsuke City was selected as an "SDGs Future City" and concluded the comprehensive cooperation agreement with us.


On 23rd January (Thu), this class was implemented and opened for parents and teachers in Mitsuke City. Mr. Takuyuki ICHITSUBO, 2nd year master's program student of Information and Management System Engineering, taught from a child's point of view, and provided class with fun and presence. 15 pupils took on programming class with SDGs concept and operated PC directly.

Through this programming education, we foster logical thinking abilities of children and provide the opportunity for knowing presence of the global agenda for SDGs. It will be expected to support human resources development who will create future society by this endeavor.

Moreover, these results of exemplary class will be introduced from the feedback to the future learning at elementary school in Mitsuke City. SDGs will take root in the society from child to parents and community resident through this "SDGs x Programming education".


We will actively promote dissemination and awareness raising with regard to the solutions of the problems link to SDGs in local communities through our activities.