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  • SU's Global Citizenship Program Student Participates in IDFC 2020 Attended by Students from Myanmar and Japan

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SU's Global Citizenship Program Student Participates in IDFC 2020 Attended by Students from Myanmar and Japan

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March 17, 2020

From February 18 (Tue) to March 1 (Sun), the IDFC 2020 (International Developmental Field Camp for Myanmar and Japan Youth Leaders 2020), a student conference held under the theme of social issues that the two nations of Myanmar and Japan face, took place. Ms. Miyamoto, a second-year student of Soka University's Faculty of Education (Global Citizenship Program member) participated in the conference.

IDFC is a student conference founded in 2014, the timing of which marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationships between Japan and Myanmar. Upholding the principle "Create an opportunity of exchanging ideas between the youths of Myanmar and Japan and to construct a relationship that continues for future profit," international conferences are held in Myanmar every February with students from both nations.

In this conference, students travel to the three cities of Kyoto, Yangon, and Mandalay, and promote mutual understanding through discussions on social issues and cultures of the two nations. In addition to discussions, students visit local universities, public institutions, NGO/NPOs, and corporations to conduct on-site fieldwork and cultural exchange between the two countries. The theme for 2020 was "Fostering Sustainability," and the participants split into three break-out sessions ("Social Entrepreneurship," "Tourism," and "Tradition & Globalization"), exploring an ideal sustainable society.
Ms. Miyamoto, who participated in the conference, shared: "I was surprised by how fast the participants from Myanmar spoke English and also by their high level of specialization, but I was able to fully manifest my English abilities, which I gained through the Global Citizenship Program, as well as my ability in working in teams and knowledge on international society and sustainable society. I was able to actively contribute to the discussions, which took place every evening, as well as to the presentations and research papers. I am determined to make friends without fearing the differences in nationality and language even during the exchange program in the U.S. planned to start from this August."