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  • NUT Held a Free Online Workshop "The Basic and Practical Knowledge of Telework" to Support Local Companies

Nagaoka University of Technology

NUT Held a Free Online Workshop "The Basic and Practical Knowledge of Telework" to Support Local Companies

August 04, 2020

For the two days on June 26 (Friday) and 29 (Monday), NUT held a free online workshop "The Basic and Practical Knowledge of Telework" for companies.


This online workshop was planned under the initiative of our president, Dr. Nobuhiko Azuma with his sincere thought towards companies to "support local companies affected by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious diseases."

At the online workshop, we used video conference system "Zoom." Lectures were given on the knowledge at the basic level to introduce and utilize telework, which has been brought to attention in the society due to stay-home restraint and work style reformation during Covid-19 disaster.

In addition, this online workshop was providing a curriculum that can be used as an education and training program that is eligible for additional benefits from the Employment Adjustment Subsidy that has been expanded to maintain employment under the current circumstances.


On the first day (June 26), Prof. Takashi Yukawa, Vice President of NUT (in charge of International Relations and Information Technologies), gave a lecture on the "Basics of Telework and Required Environments" and "Telework in Practice." Then, Mr. Takanori Seki, Executive Programs Strategist from Slack Japan Corporation, gave a lecture how to use "Slack", which was expanded in use as a communication tool for telework.

On the second day (June 29), Prof. Takashi Yukawa, gave a lecture on "Security of Telework."

Then, Ms. Makiko Takakura, chief of the Internet Trust Center of JIPDEC, gave a lecture on "Electronic Approval". At the last, Prof. Nobuo Saito, Deputy Director of the Analysis and Instrumentation Center of NUT, gave a lecture on "Remote Use of IoT Devices."


The seminar was a huge success with 300 people in total of the 2 days, having about 150 people each day. After the seminar, we received plausible comments such as "Clear explanations helped me understand the benefits of telework." and "I was able to listen to explanations of university equipment, etc., which I don't normally have opportunities to see."

NUT continues to plan online workshops on different themes, and we will keep moving ahead to support and revitalize local companies.



Lecture by Vice President Prof. Yukawa



Lecture by Deputy Director Prof. Saito (Analysis and Instrumentation Center)