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  • NUT Held an Online "SDGs Round-table Talk for Students" with Japanese and International Students.

Nagaoka University of Technology

NUT Held an Online "SDGs Round-table Talk for Students" with Japanese and International Students.

August 04, 2020

Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) held a "SDGs Round-table Talk for Students" by using the web conference service Zoom on June 24th, July 1st, 8th, and 15th for a total of 4 times. Students from different programs, grades, and nationalities participated for the purpose of increasing communications among students which had been decreasing due to COVID-19 disaster.


The first session (June 24th) was held in Japanese and the second session (July 1st) was in English. First, Vice-President Bumpei Nakade gave an opening remarks. Then, Dr. Mami Katsumi, Education Administrator (UEA), gave a brief introduction of our SDGs activities. Furthermore, participating students had a lively group work and brainstorming session regarded SDG Goal 3 with Professor Makoto Nanko (Director of the Office for SDGs Promotion), Associate Professor Toshiya Matsukawa (Deputy Director of the Office for SDGs Promotion), and Mr. Watanabe (Deputy Director of the Office for SDGs Promotion).


The third (July 8th) and the fourth (July 15th) session were held in both Japanese and English. Prof. Nanko explained the initiatives of NUT, that has been conducted as the only university in the world selected by the United Nations as a hub university for SDG Goal 9. Participating students shared many ideas on how to work towards achieving the SDGs as a hub university utilized Google Jamboard and had group discussion for solution of "What can we do to reduce the number of plastic bags at the NUT's store?"


Students actively participated in discussions at all of the four sessions. In a questionnaire, we received severe opinions such as "NUT is not doing enough to achieve the SDGs." Also we received many positive comments such as "I could exchange opinions with foreigners and Japanese students," "I noticed a variety of opinions and ideas" and "I had a chance to express my concerns."

NUT will continue to achieve the SDGs with our students adopting their opinions and work together under the lead of the Office for SDGs Promotion.