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Okayama University-Ceed Students Participate in Shimane University Online Entrepreneurship Event

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March 22, 2021



On March 18, two students from Okayama University-Ceed participated in Shimane University's "1st Koto-oko Lab Network 2021- Student Entrepreneurship Activity Report & Exchange Meeting-".

The online event gave seven student entrepreneurs (five from Shimane University and two from Okayama University) the opportunity to discuss their respective activities. Okayama University-Ceed student MIYAMOTO Taiki (4th year, Faculty of Engineering) introduced his business plan on a matchmaking app that allows LINE users to select people whom they'd like to date from their list of friends and notify the users when there's a match, which recently placed in the top five in the Okayama Innovative Contest for Universities and Colleges 2020. Okayama University-Ceed student HATA Kyosei (4th year, Faculty of Economics) made a presentation called "Learning from Past Entrepreneurial Activities - Card Game" about a card game that allows players to learn about start-ups while playing.

The presentations were followed by a lively Q&A session and group discussion, wherein faculty and students from both universities gave the presenters feedback and helpful advice. Participants also discussed opportunities for further exchange in the near future.

Okayama University strives to create opportunities and spaces for students pursuing entrepreneurial activities to explore their interests.

◆ About Okayama University-Ceed
Ceed is a student-led organization that gives students the chance to learn together about entrepreneurship and encourages them to invest in their own futures.
In December 2018, the organization was originally established as "SiEED" under the Okayama University Entrepreneurship Training Program, which consisted of endowed lectureships and ran until the end of March 2020. Since April 2020, Okayama University has focused on training young entrepreneurs who share a vision aligned with the SDGs under the name Ceed. The concept of "discovering unknown problems and creating unknown solutions", which formed the core of SiEED initiatives, has a major influence on current Ceed activities. Ceed's mission is to help students suc-ceed as they pro-ceed with entrepreneurial activities that endeavor to ex-ceed expectations.