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  • 2020 Cultural Encouragement Award / Student Sports Awards Ceremony

Okayama University

2020 Cultural Encouragement Award / Student Sports Awards Ceremony


Students' Activities


March 26, 2021

On March 24, Okayama University held the Student Cultural Encouragement Award/Student Sports Award Ceremony at the 50th Anniversary Hall to commend 16 individuals and one group for their outstanding achievements in extracurricular activities.
The Cultural Encouragement Award recognizes individuals or groups who have accomplished excellent achievements in extracurricular cultural activities. The Student Sports Award has multiple categories and recognizes individuals or groups that have achieved excellent results at national or international sports competitions, contributed in some way to society through their activities, or contributed to Okayama University Alumni Association activities.

At the ceremony, Executive Vice President and Executive Director for Academic Affairs Provost SANO Hiroshi presented the awards to student representatives. He encouraged students by stating that, "I would like to congratulate all of you for achieving such amazing results in your respective activities despite the global pandemic. Your results are the manifestation of your hard work and daily dedication. I hope that all of you will be motivated to further develop your skills and to reach your goals."

After the ceremony, the chairman of the general affairs committee for the Okayama University Alumni Associations YAMAGUCHI Yu organized a surprise for Executive Director Sano, who will be retiring at the end of March, presenting him with a certificate of appreciation, which stated, "We would like to thank you for always believing in the value of extracurricular activities such as the Alumni Associations and express our gratitude for your heartfelt support of our activities during the global pandemic."


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