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Okayama University Top Global University Project "PRIME" Website Renewal (English/Japanese)



March 25, 2021

Recently, the Top Global University Project, a government-led initiative, conducted its 2020 interim evaluation on participating universities. Okayama University received an "A" grade (second highest grade out of five) in recognition of its efforts to encourage internationalization and reform education. To commemorate this milestone, Okayama University has renewed the website documenting its ongoing projects and achievements under the Top Global University Project. The website was originally created in 2017 to disseminate information related to the PRIME Program (Practical Interactive Mode for Education) and is available in both English and Japanese.

The renewal includes the following : (1) the inclusion of "animated videos" (Japanese only) and infographics that explain various aspects of the PRIME program in an easy-to-understand manner, (2) the addition of "messages from current students and graduates" to directly convey their journeys toward success, and (3) a bigger emphasis on "SGU x SDGs content". Please take the time to browse the improved website for yourself using the links below.

〇Okayama University Top Global University Project Website


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