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  • "We Aren't Scared of Corona! Win-Win Student Project" Creates Motivational Mosaic Art

Okayama University

"We Aren't Scared of Corona! Win-Win Student Project" Creates Motivational Mosaic Art


Students' Activities

March 23, 2021

Leader of the third rendition of the Win-win student project MIYAMOTO Taisuke (4th year Faculty of Law) has overseen the creation of a mosaic-style art poster to uplift fellow students who have been affected by the COVID-19. Realizing that opportunities to interact with peers have decreased as a result of the pandemic, Mr. Miyamoto was concerned about many students who may be experiencing negative feelings about the current situation. "I really want Okadai students to have a positive experience as members of the Okadai community", Mr. Miyamoto explained as he discussed his reasons behind creating the mosaic poster, which features 1000 photos of smiling students, alumni, and faculty.

The photo collage forms the image of a photo taken by President MAKINO Hirofumi of the university clock tower (Tsushima Campus Library). Furthermore, the collage is surrounded by photo messages from notable Okayama University alumni, forming a 90 cm x 180 cm artwork.

On March 3, the artwork was presented to President Makino and Executive Director SANO Hiroshi at an information session, where Mr. Miyamoto, general affairs committee member for the Alumni Association WADA Naoya (3rd year Faculty of Letters) and Center for Global Partnerships and Education Associate Professor NAKAYAMA Yoshikazu were also in attendance. Mr. Miyamoto commented that, "At first it was very difficult to gather all of the photos needed to make the artwork. However, thanks to cooperation from the Alumni Association, many students submitted their photos. Ideally, this poster will become a symbol of hope that makes students smile while also representing their desire for the pandemic to end." President Makino complemented the poster, saying, "This is a wonderful work of art. I would like it to be placed in a public area where many people will have the opportunity to see it and be encouraged by its message."

Mosaic artwork will be displayed at official school events such as graduation ceremonies and matriculation ceremonies.


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