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  • March 2021 "Okayama University Academic Society Award Ceremony"

Okayama University

March 2021 "Okayama University Academic Society Award Ceremony"



March 22, 2021

On March 16, Okayama University held the "Okayama University Academic Society Award Ceremony" at meeting room 2 on the 6th floor of the main building to commend 15 students recommend internally for the Academic Society Award.

This special award honors students who have won or received awards established by university academic clubs and societies. At the award ceremony, Executive Vice President and Executive Director for Academic Affairs Provost SANO Hiroshi presented students with a Certificate of Commendation and gave a short speech encouraging students to continue studying diligently that "My hope is that not only those of you present at this ceremony, but that all Okayama University students will passionately pursue their studies and that you, as well as your juniors, will further advance the research capabilities of our university".

Okayama University holds the Academic Society Award Ceremony biannually, in March and September.


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