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  • Eigo de Ikebana: A Cultural Exchange Event at TUT Global House

Toyohashi University of Technology

Eigo de Ikebana: A Cultural Exchange Event at TUT Global House


February 07, 2022


















TUT Global House provides a wide range of cultural exchange programs designed to facilitate diverse encounters to help international and Japanese students living in the dorm acquire life skills: peer learning, wellness, and lasting friendships. As part of the program, a Japanese flower arrangement workshop, Eigo de Ikebana was held with invited guest Professor Eiko Suzuki, the First Degree Master Instructor of the Ohara School of Ikebana.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held remotely, with the lecturer participating remotely from Hiroshima and students from the Assembly Room or their own rooms at the TUT Global House. The program covered a range of topics, from lectures on the sense of ikebana and how to make plants look more vibrant to practical skills using flower materials, as the participants listened intently to the lecturer through the screen and enjoyed flower arrangement in their own way.



David Pich, an international student from Cambodia who participated in the event, expressed his excitement, saying, "It's been eight years since I first heard about ikebana, and I'm glad to finally be able to experience it for myself." Van Thi Hang from Vietnam said, "In my country, flower arrangement is usually done with a lot of flowers to make it look gorgeous, and I thought that Japanese ikebana was plain. However, I have come to realize that Japanese ikebana is about looking at the flowers and cherishing each one of them. It has changed the way I look at ikebana and now I have become to be able to look at each work from a different perspective."


Through this ikebana workshop, international students were able to experience the Japanese way of cherishing nature, and the Japanese students were able to reflect on their Japanese spirit. It was a great opportunity for cultural exchange, as the students could share their thoughts and views through flower arrangement.