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Hiroshima University

SERU International Symposium Held at Hiroshima University

March 14, 2023

Hiroshima University has been conducting the SERU student survey for all undergraduate students since FY2015 and held the SERU International Symposium on Monday, December 2, 2019, to disseminate the significance and uses of this student survey inside and outside of the university.
In this symposium, Senior Vice President Watanabe first explained "What is SERU" and SERU's organizational structure. UEA Professor Abe (Office of Education) and Associate Professor Murasawa (Center for Research and Development in Higher Education) then presented the results of the analysis of the SERU survey conducted at Hiroshima University in FY2018. UEA Professor Abe spoke about student learning time and satisfaction by comparing SERU data with the results of the entrance questionnaire, and Associate Professor Murasawa spoke about the climate in the university and students' individual abilities as an introduction to the use of SERU.
Dr. Ronald Huesman, Director of the SERU Consortium, presented a case study covering 10 years of SERU student research at the University of Minnesota. In this presentation, we received specific information on advanced initiatives that will be very helpful to the university.
Mr. Okui, Assistant Director of Higher Education Planning Division, MEXT, who is in charge of the nationwide student survey that is being conducted this year, gave a lecture on its significance. He talked about the student survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and how students feel they are growing and developing in their university education, which he hopes will be reflected in national policies.
Finally, Mr. Umeshita, Deputy Office Director of the University's Office of Globalization, talked about the SERU Peer Review conducted in 2017. He reported on how it was evaluated by experts and how the university responded to its implications.
Hiroshima University will continue to analyze the survey results and improve its learning environment and education through establishing benchmarks with other leading universities around the world. To this end, we will promote the significance of the student survey such that as many students as possible will not just leave it to others and will be willing to make their own voices heard as students.

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