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Hiroshima University

Center for Academic Practice and Resources Established

March 14, 2023

In order to ensure the international competitiveness of the education that we provide, we have conducted a quality assurance evaluation (peer review) of our achievement-based program (HiPROSPECTS®) from an international perspective within the framework of SERU (Student Experience in the Research University) to support the creation of a global university.
Furthermore, in the "Grand Design of Higher Education toward 2040 (Report)" (Central Council for Education, November 26, 2018), the vision for 2040 and the ideal state of higher education are presented as "a shift to learner-oriented education." The direction of the reform to be realized is to "clarify what students can learn and acquire" and provide education enabling students to realize the results of their studies. To achieve this, providing an environment that enables students to engage in intensive, independent learning through the use of active learning, carefully select class subjects, and review the results of their learning through the visualization of learning outcomes and other methods is necessary.
Based on these considerations, the Center for Supporting Teaching and Learning will support the creation of a university environment that promotes independent learning and creates meaningful learning experiences such that students can fully experience the benefits of their studies.