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Hiroshima University

University's Vice President and Executive Vice President invited to THE Emerging Economies Summit

March 15, 2023

Shinji Kaneko, Director and Executive Vice President of the University, was invited to participate as a panelist at the Emerging Economies Summit in Dubai, which was organized by THE in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). (October 18-20, 2021)
This annual event is an opportunity for THE to bring together award-winning researchers, heads of organizations, investors, and university leaders from emerging regions who are eager to share their ideas and experiences.
The discussion at this year's meeting (2021) focused on the importance of inter-institutional collaboration and shared understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which can be strategically leveraged for the future development of higher education.
Vice President Kaneko participated in the session as a panelist with the Presidents of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Ain Shams University (Egypt), and New York University (U.S.A.). Vice President Kaneko explained that even before the SDGs were formulated, TUAT had been conducting research aimed at contributing to developing regions while advocating peacebuilding and that since the SDGs were adopted as the successor to the MDGs, the university has changed its structure to be closely involved with various stakeholders and has taken the stance of contributing not only to developing countries but also to wider regions and local communities to accelerate its efforts.
Hiroshima University will make further contributions to achieve the SDGs in every aspect of its research, education, and social commitment.

[Reference: Hiroshima University FE/SDGs Network Center (NERPS)]
Our website and reports provide information on SDG initiatives within the university and disseminate it to the public.
[Reference:Town THE EE Summit 2021_1920x1080[28].pdf& Gown Office]
Hiroshima University and Higashihiroshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture share a common vision for urban development and are working together to create a sustainable and appealing city.