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Hiroshima University

First SERU Japan Meeting was Held

March 15, 2023

The first Meeting of SERU Japan was held between Osaka University and Hiroshima University in the afternoon of Friday, October 14, 2022, at the Co-Creation and Innovation Building, Osaka University.
Three members of the Office of Globalization, Hiroshima University, attended the meeting: Taiji Hotta, Deputy Executive Director and Office Director in charge of SGU; Kenichiro Umeshita, Deputy Executive Director; and Yuka Jackson, a member of the faculty. There were five attendees from Osaka University: Director Taizuo Kawashima of the SLiCS Center, Professor Masayuki Murakami, Professor Etsushi Nakaguchi, Associate Professor Yuichiro Wajima, and Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Lilan Chen.
The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) (https://cshe.berkeley.edu/seru) is a student survey launched by the University of California, Berkeley, as a "student survey specifically for research universities." As of October 2022, 42 of the world's top-ranked universities are participating in the survey. Two of them are Japanese: Osaka University (since 2013) and Hiroshima University (since 2014).
At the meeting, Osaka University and Hiroshima University shared their respective implementation systems, latest implementation status and plans, and actively exchanged opinions regarding calling on other universities in Japan to join SERU, peer review efforts, and other issues.
The next SERU student survey will be conducted in December 2022 for undergraduate students at Hiroshima University and in 2024 for undergraduate and graduate students at Osaka University. We will actively encourage as many students as possible to cooperate with us in answering the survey.