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  • Hiroshima University joins landmark Japan-U.S. semiconductor partnership

Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University joins landmark Japan-U.S. semiconductor partnership

September 20, 2023

The partnership aims to promote diverse talent development and foster research and development in the semiconductor field. The eleven participating universities, including Hiroshima University, were selected for their advanced curriculum and strong emphasis on diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. Future plans include implementing exchange programs between Japan and the United States, with a focus on promoting women's participation in the semiconductor industry. The goal is to educate a diverse pool of talent and actively engage in semiconductor development.


Hiroshima University has a long history as a center for semiconductor education and research among national universities in Japan. Last April, the university established the "Setouchi Semiconductor Co-Creation Consortium" at its Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, a joint effort involving industry, government, and academia to develop semiconductors. In collaboration with Micron's world-leading plant in Hiroshima, Hiroshima University aims to further contribute to the diversification and advancement of the semiconductor technology and the development of talent in Japan and the United States.

Micron, headquartered in Higashihiroshima City, is a leading semiconductor memory company and the largest foreign investor in Japan over the last five years.