Top Global Universities are pursuing research for the future of Japan and the world.
We take a look at cutting-edge research, which explores unreached potential across borders.

Kyoto University

Design a Helical Polymer Ligand

“I want to produce a molecule that has never existed,” said Professor Suginome, who specializes in organic synthesis chemistry, with a sparkle in his eyes. To develop new molecular functions, it is essential to achieve more precise and versatile production of polymers. Thus, Professor Suginome turned his attention to a polymer with a helical structure, and is conducting cutting-edge research on a helical polymer with unique characteristics in the world.

Osaka University

Investigate mammalian host defense and parasite counterdefense systems

Approximately one-third of the world’s population is considered to be infected by toxoplasmosis. Microorganisms called Toxoplasma gondii parasitize human cells and can cause death in immunodeficient people. Professor Yamamoto at Osaka University is leading the world into research on the mechanisms of this infection. His group has constantly revealed new facts in terms of human application which have received great attention.

Ritsumeikan University

Digital archives of cultural properties create the foundation of new values

The collections of art galleries and museums overseas include cultural assets created in Japan, such as netsuke (small ornamental carvings for hanging from kimono belts) and katana no tsuba (sword guards). Professor Akama of Ritsumeikan University is collaborating with universities in other countries to create a digital archive of these objects, and has this to say about the future of cultural assets: “My aim is not to amass a collection of old objects, but to discover their previously unnoticed value and spark a new cultural movement.”
There is rising anticipation for how the value of cultural assets may spread thanks to Professor Akama’s research.