Akita International University

Japan's World-Class Liberal Arts University


"Fostering individuals, who are based in Japan to be successful globally"

Since its foundation in 2004, Akita International University (AIU) has been taking innovative measures to advance education, such as through offering all classes in English in small sizes, a mandatory one-year study abroad experience, requiring all 1st-year students to live in dormitories, securing more than half of its faculty as foreign faculty, and providing a Library that is open 24 hours/365days. In addition, AIU has been developing its teaching by offering special courses given by faculty members of overseas partner universities as well as strengthening career support in order to assist students in their academic career development.
Through the Top Global University Project, AIU will also aim to foster individuals that are successful on a global scale but are based in Japan. AIU will further develop its quality of education by enhancing its whole-person education, taking advantage of its on-campus living environment and nurture a sense of identity by developing a thorough understanding of the Japanese culture, and establish a liberal arts education model that is commensurate with the world standard, and which represents Japan on a global scale.

〈 Four Projects to become a World-Class Liberal Arts College 〉

Promotion of around-the-clock liberal arts education

Introduce subject-based housing groups to transform student dormitories from "living dormitories" into "learning dormitories."

Enrichment of a world-standard curriculum

  • Expand and improve Japan Studies courses through a Japan Studies Center.
  • Promote international collaboration PBL courses in ASEAN countries.
  • Introduce flipped class method and transmit lectures utilizing MOOCs.
  • Offering Partners' Program (Japan Studiers Program) in Akita.

Facilitation of English education reform in Japan

  • Offer an English Village program for elementary, junior high, and high school students. 
  • Offer Teachers' Seminars for elementary, junior high, and high school teachers.

Global benchmarking

Compare AIU's initiatives with those of other top liberal arts colleges around the world and examine the differences in an objective manner.

Target for Year 2023


International PBL Programs in ASEAN Countries


Partners' Program (Japan Studies Program) with Partner Universities


Newly Offered Japan Studies Courses


Intensive Courses with Partner Universities


Activities at Subject-Based Houses


English Village program for elementary, junior high, and high school students


Teachers' Seminar for elementary, junior high, and high school teachers


Multiple International Experiences


Increase in Number of Partner Universities to 200