Chiba University

Global Chiba University developing 3 abilities

Summary of the Program

Chiba University aims to enhance intellectual development, including the ability to form an overview, to discover new perspectives, and to find practical solutions to problems that arise. These are essential elements for a global leader.

〈 4 reforms leading to the transformation of Chiba University 〉

Governance reform

  • Establishment of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Establishment of a framework for inter-professional education
  • Development of an organization to support the operation of all faculties with special academic advisors appointed to assist in the implementation of tailor-made education +SULA(Super University Learning Administrators)
  • Promotion of faculty and administrative staff development

Learning system reform

  • Expansion of early university entrance
  • Diversification of entrance examinations
  • Introduction of a six-term system
  • Modification of the university education system to adapt to international norms

Program reform

  • Introduction of the double major system (TOKUHISA School) to nurture innovative talent
  • Establishment of the "International Liberal Arts Program"for studying abroad
  • Establishment of "International Japanology"as a requisite
  • Introduction of the semester study abroad program
  • Creation of double major and major/minor programs at a graduate level

Global network reform

  • Establishment of new overseas campuses
    • Mahidol University (Thailand)
    • Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)
  • "Promotion of exchange"

Goals for 2023

753+1 Plan



700 subjects to be taught in English



50% of student intake (1,200) to study overseas



3,000 overseas students to be accepted

plus Ichi


10% of students each year(240) to be admitted by alternative processes