Hiroshima University

No. 1 in Japan in THE University Impact Ranking 2020 SDGs in 3 categories! 4th overall!

March 15, 2023


On April 22, Times Higher Education (THE), a British higher education publication, released the THE University Impact Ranking 2020.
Hiroshima University ranked first in Japan in three categories: SDG 4 (high-quality education for all), SDG 6 (safe water and toilets for all), and SDG 11 (creating cities where people can continue to live). It also ranked fourth in the overall scores, behind Hokkaido University, the University of Tokyo, and Tohoku University.
The THE University Impact Ranking is a methodology that visualizes the social contribution efforts of universities using the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this year, the second year of the program, 766 universities around the world and 63 universities in Japan were included.
Hiroshima University's ranking by SDGs in Japan is as follows: in addition to the three items for which it ranked first, Hiroshima University ranked 2nd for SDG 16 (peace and justice for all), 3rd in both SDG 10 (eliminate inequalities among people and nations) and SDG 12 (responsible creation and use), 4th for SDG 3 (health and well-being for all), 5th for SDG 17 (achieve goals through partnerships), 7th for SDG 9 (create a foundation for industry and technological innovation), and 9th for SDG 5 (achieve gender equality).
In the world rankings, Hiroshima University made the global top 100 in five of the 17 SDGs: it ranked 20th in SDG 6 (safe water and sanitation worldwide), 52nd in SDG 9 (create a foundation for industry and technological innovation), 60th in SDG 12 (responsible production and use), 65th in SDG 11 (creating cities where people can continue to live), and 98th in SDG 3 (health and well-being for all).
The Hiroshima University Network for Education and Research on Peace and Sustainability (NERPS) has been collecting information on SDG initiatives within the university and disseminating it to the public through its website and reports and will continue to expand upon these activities in the future. Hiroshima University will make further contributions to achieve the SDGs in all aspects of its research, education, and social commitments.

[Ref: Hiroshima University's first SDG report: "NERPS Report 2018-2019"]