Hokkaido University

【20th, Dec.】Developing Intercultural Communication Competencies in Education

October 27, 2022

With the growing need to develop culturally relevant teaching practices, incorporating intercultural skills into the teaching curriculum has become essential. As Japanese universities continue to internationalize and the number of foreign students and instructors gradually increases there is a growing need to foster intercultural competencies among students to prepare them for the global workplace. Representative policies which highlight this approach, such as the "Hokkaido University Global Vision 2040", are examples of the university's long-term strategy to foster internationalisation. This seminar will give some insight on how to foster globally minded individuals able to pursue mutual understanding with people from diverse countries with flexibility and open-mindedness, progressing towards an equitable, inclusive campus internationalisation in which diverse students, researchers, and faculty/staff members thrive.【MORE

  • ・Date and time:2022.12.20 (Tue) 13:30-15:30
  • ・Venue:Zoom Meeting

  • ・Lecturer:Dr. Michal MAZUR(Assistant Professor, IAGE, Hokkaido University)

  • ・Target:Faculty members of higher education facilities (incl. graduate students)

  • ・Capacity:40 applicants

  • ・Application period:2022/12/19 (Mon.) 12:00
  • ・Language:English