Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University is ranked No. 1 in Japan in "The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2020" ~ 76th in the world ~

May 08, 2020

Hokkaido University is ranked No. 1 in Japan (76th in the world) in the " The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2020" announced on Wednesday, April 22 by the Times Higher Education (THE), a magazine specialized in higher education in the United Kingdom.

The "THE Impact Rankings," which is the second year of this year, is a ranking that visualizes the social contribution efforts of universities using the framework of the United Nations SDGs.

Among the 17 goals of SDGs, we have entered the top 100 with 6 goals, 10th for "SDG2 ZERO HUNGER", 45th for "SDG9 INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE", 77th for "SDG12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION", 43rd for "SDG14 LIFE BELOW WATER", "SDG15 LIFE ON LAND" was ranked 59th, and 63rd for "SDG17 PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS".


We have many classes related to SDGs at the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI), a program that invites researchers who are active on the front lines of the world to Hokkaido University and conducts educational activities in collaboration with faculty members of our university. In addition, the PARE program and RJE3 program are international joint education programs that are deeply related to the concept of the SDGs, and their summer schools are conducted as part of HSI and widely accept participants from both inside and outside the university.


THE Impact Rankings 2020