Hokkaido University

Unveiling "Hokkaido University Global Vision 2040"

January 17, 2022


Hokkaido University has formulated the International Strategy Toward the Year 2040 "Hokkaido University Global Vision 2040" to set a new direction for the internationalization of the University.



The new strategy lays out a direction that the University ought to take towards the year 2040. It was formulated following the results of internationalization of the University through the "Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative" (HUCI) -- the University's reform plan at the core of "Future Strategy for the 150th Anniversary of Hokkaido University."


The international strategy begins with three aspirations of Hokkaido University for the year 2040. To achieve the goals, specific initiatives have been planned and the strategy is divided into four pillars: "Vitalizing brain circulation," "Students & faculty with cultural industry," "Pursuit of sustainability," and "Evolving management." [MORE]