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Hokkaido Summer Institute 2022 starts and 2nd Application(6/1-7) now open!

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June 03, 2022


Hokkaido University established the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) in 2016. The HSI is a program that brings together world-leading researchers with proven educational and research records from all around the globe to Hokkaido, and provides educational courses in cooperation with the University's faculty members.


This summer, the HSI is offering over 270 courses from June to October and allows nearly 150 students from overseas universities and more than 2,000 Hokkaido University students to expand their knowledge of subjects the university specializes in.


From the year of 2022 we will offer 3 courses, On-Campus course (Face-to-face), eHSI course (Online), and newly established "Recurrent Education course (HSI for Adults). Participants can choose a course which meets their convenience. Many of the courses are open to both students and adults. [MORE]



Applications are now being accepted for undergraduates and graduates to take part in the HSI 2022.

The deadline to place an 2nd Application is June 7th.

We are looking forward to applications from around the world!

Website: https://hokkaidosummerinstitute.oia.hokudai.ac.jp/en/

Facebook: @hokkaidosummerinstitute

Twitter: @Hokkaido_SI

Instagram: @hokkaido_si