International University of Japan

Domestic Company's IUJ Alumni Networking Event held in Tokyo

September 18, 2018

On August 31st 2018, an IUJ alumni networking event in a domestic company which is one of IUJ's Global Partnership corporations was held in Tokyo. More than 50 employees participated. They included not only those employees who graduated from IUJ and those who participated in our short-term corporate training programs but also many employees who were interested in this event.

43_2.pngBefore the networking event, Professor Mohammed Ahmed, Specially Appointed Professor of the Graduate School of International Management at IUJ, gave a lecture on Cross Cultural Communication, which deepened participants' understanding of multiculturalism in business. Following the lecture, all the participants including IUJ faculty and staff had a great time enjoying refreshments, sharing experiences and ideas, and getting to know each other professionally and personally.It was a great networking event.


Given IUJ's strong relationship with Japanese corporations, overseas organizations and institutions, and its local communities, we have accepted many students from different professional backgrounds from both within and outside Japan. We will continue to promote supporting domestic corporations by strengthening cooperation with companies through activities like this event.