International University of Japan

Participated in the 4th SAJU (South Africa-Japan University) Forum

August 01, 2019

International University of Japan (IUJ) is honored to have taken part in the 4th SAJU (South Africa-Japan University) Forum Conference which held at Main Auditorium, Future Africa Campus of University of Pretoria, the Republic of South Africa on May 23rd and 24th,2019, aiming at building academic collaboration and cooperation in high education between the Republic of South Africa and Japan.

Under its 4th theme of "The human being in the 21st century in the context of global changes", research outcomes were shared in each field;
1) Health and Wellness, 2) Security and Social Justice, 3) Growth, Exploration and Conservation. Prof. Hyunkoo Lee, the Graduate School of International Management, IUJ made a presentation in category 3) growth, Exploration and Conservation.

We, IUJ, aim at human resource development in African countries where is focused by Japanese economic community as a next business development region, as its priority region "following Asia." Promoting to have regular students from African countries and, at the same time, keep and enrich its international environment, as IUJ is often called "Where the World Gathers," accepting outstanding students and researchers from all over the world through student exchange and faculty/admin staff collaboration. We continue to develop global human resource who contributes to solve global issues and create our bright future with possessing a tolerance to other culture.