International University of Japan

Making a guest appearance on a radio program "Life Happens"

December 15, 2020

Screenshot_20201214_165926_resize.jpg Ms. Tebello Mohale, a first-year student at the Graduate School of International Relations, IUJ, will appear on a radio program "Life Happens" of SAfm. She participated in the JET Program and came to Japan as an English teacher, after that, she worked as a development consultant at the Embassy of Japan in South Africa, and entered IUJ through a JICA scholarship program in 2020.

This radio appearance will be part of the efforts of the Study in Japan Global Network Project -Sub-Saharan Africa- promoted by Hokkaido University. We hope this helps for local students to know about studying in Japan.


Airdate:15th December, 2020 (Tue.)

Airtime:9:40PM-9:50PM Japan Time (2:40PM-2:50PM South Africa Time)

Broadcasting Station:SA fm

Radio program:Life Happens

Live-stream URL:


We, IUJ, aim at human resource development in African countries where is focused by Japanese economic community as a next business development region, as its priority region "following Asia." Promoting to have regular students from African countries and, at the same time, keep and enrich its international environment, as IUJ is often called "Where the World Gathers," accepting outstanding students and researchers from all over the world through student exchange and faculty/admin staff collaboration. We continue to develop global human resource who contributes to solve global issues and create our bright future with possessing a tolerance to other culture.