Kanazawa University

Developing Human Resources to Lead the Global Society and Establishing the Kanazawa University Brand by Thorough Internationalization

Kanazawa University aims to strongly promote educational reforms based on the "Kanazawa University "Global Standard" (KUGS) which defines the human resources trained at the university, as well as internationalization of faculty and staff, and strives to establish the Kanazawa University brand. Moreover, the university will establish the "Kanazawa University Model" for training global human resources, lead not only the Hokuriku region but Japan toward globalization, and nurture the leaders of this knowledge-based society.

Targets for 2030


Establish the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Adopt a quarter system throughout the university in the 2016 school year


Implement new general education courses "GS (Global Standard) courses" to realize the KUGS


50% of undergraduate courses offered in English


Thorough reforms of English Classes, Rich support from the English Learning Advisor in order to strengthen English Ability


50% of Japanese students with overseas experiences


Rich selection of scholarships available to encourage students to go abroad


Enforce physical and mental strength through Local Activity Programs


Introduce "Standardized Entrance Exam" for both humanities courses and the science courses


Establish 5 overseas bases


Set up the Kanazawa University Super Global ELP Center in cooperation with the Tufts University (*) English Language Programs, renowned for their high-quality English education, on the KU campus
(*) Tufts University is an American private institution established in 1952


Increase number of International Students to 20%


Construct new student residence, "Hokumei", for both Japanese and International Students