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Online International Symposium:Representation of Utopias in Western Art

December 15, 2020

Online International Symposium:Representation of Utopias in Western Art was held on Nov.28 2020 sat.19:00-23:00 (JST).
There were 85 visitors from Japan and abroad.

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Symposium outline

This symposium examine how utopia has been represented in Western art in the ancient, early modern, and modern periods. In particular, it define what modern representations of utopia inherited from representations in earlier periods and what kind of socio-ideological environment the new utopias of the modern period were created in. Furthermore, starting with the hypothesis that the act of representing utopia itself is a universal psychological mechanism that transcends historical periods, the symposium investigated what that mechanism is and discuss the possibility of building a theory of utopian art as a theory of the creative act.

  • Sponsored by: The Murata Science Foundation.
  • Languages: remote simultaneous interpretation with Interprefy is available
  • Contact: Takanori NAGAÏ(Kyoto Institute of Technology,(t-nagai[a] ※please replace[a]into@

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  1. Session 1: Ancient to Early Modern

    1. Jaś ELSNER (University of Oxford)
      [Heavens, Hells and Other Worlds: Utopias in the art of late ancient Eurasia]
    2. Miki KURAMOCHI (Kobe Gakuin University)
      [Representation of Utopia in Poussin - from "Arcadia" to the Late Landscapes]
  2. Session 2: Early Modern to Modern

    1. Tomoko YOSHIDA (Kyoto Notre Dame University)
      [Fête Galante and Its Variations as Ephemeral Utopia]
    2. Aimée BROWN PRICE (Art historian)
      [Utopia as Echo, Utopia by Design: the Idyllic Images of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes]
  3. Discussion

    Moderator: Takanori NAGAÏ : Kyoto Institute of Technology

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