Kyoto Institute of Technology

Online Symposium "Electrospinning Nanofibers 2021 (ISEN2021) -Future perspectives in electrospinning nanofibers"

March 04, 2021

This symposium will focus on "challenges and innovations in electrospinning and electrowriting of polymeric nanofibers and microfibers." Electrospinning is a globally recognized method for producing threads from polymer solutions or polymer melts. It enables the creation of fiber with diameters in the hundreds of nanometers, and non-woven mats from nanofibers. These are broadly used for biomedical and environmental cleanup applications. Recently, in addition to the non-designed fabricates, geometrically designed structures are being manufactured using melt electrowriting. We believe that the symposium will be a great opportunity for all audiences to have an inspired and fruitful discussion on new approaches and fresh findings with these innovative textiles.

  • Date: 11 March 2021(Thursday)
  • Time:17:00 - 19:20 (Japan),09:00 - 11:20 (Germany)
  • Language:English (No interpretation available)
  • Venue:ZOOM Meeting
  • Admission: Free

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