Kyoto Institute of Technology

Mcafe' Summer Festival was held at Open Campus

For students

September 21, 2022



During the Open Campus on August 7 and 8, we held the Mcafe' Summer Festival at the Global Commons located at the first floor of library.


This year, high school students and our international student staff enjoyed conversation in English, and international student staff also set up an area where they could write participants' names in their own languages. The event was a great success, with 162 participants on the first day and 135 on the second day, about double the number of last year.


We received many comments and feedback from high school students, "Participating in this event motivated me to wish to study with international students at Kyoto Institute of Technology," "My names which international student wrote in their language for me was so fantastic that I want to keep it as great memory of the open campus," and "I enjoyed this even more than expected."

The international student staff came from China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Mongolia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, Ghana, Honduras, and many other countries, and they were happy that the high school students were interested in their culture and society of their home countries. Both high school students and international students had a valuable time together.


Many of the participants were not confident in speaking English at beginning, but they were able to express their thoughts in English slowly with the support of the international students. They had good time to taking pictures together in the end.